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Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam 2023

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How does Cloud SQL help organizations create business insights?

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Your organization is moving an application to Google Cloud. As part of that effort, it needs to migrate the application's working database from another cloud provider to Cloud SQL. The database runs on the MySQL engine. The migration must cause minimal disruption to users. Data must be secured while in transit.Which should your organization use?

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Your organization is migrating to Google Cloud. As part of that effort, it needs to move terabytes of data from on-premises file servers to Cloud Storage. Your organization wants the migration process to be automated and to be managed by Google. Your organization has an existing Dedicated Interconnect connection that it wants to use. Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

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Your organization is developing an application that will manage payments and online bank accounts located around the world. The most critical requirement for your database is that each transaction is handled consistently. Your organization anticipates almost unlimited growth in the amount of data stored.Which Google Cloud product should your organization choose?

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Your organization needs to minimize how much it pays for data traffic from the Google network to the internet. What should your organization do?

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Your organization wants to run a container-based application on Google Cloud. This application is expected to increase in complexity. You have a security need for fine-grained control of traffic between the containers. You also have an operational need to exercise fine-grained control over the application's scaling policies. What Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

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Your organization needs a large amount of extra computing power within the next two weeks.After those two weeks, the need for the additional resources will end.Which is the most cost-effective approach?

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What is the difference between Standard and Coldline storage?

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An organization wants to migrate legacy applications currently hosted in their data center to the cloud. The current architecture dictates that each application needs its own operating system (OS) instead of sharing an OS. Which infrastructure solution should they choose?

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Your organization wants to optimize its use of Google Cloud's discounts on virtual machine-based workloads. You plan to use 200 CPUs constantly for the next 3 years, and you forecast that spikes of up to 300 CPUs will occur approximately 30% of the time. What should you choose?

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