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Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam 2023

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Your organization consists of many teams. Each team has many Google Cloud projects. Your organization wants to simplify the management of identity and access policies for these projects.How can you group these projects to meet this goal?

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An organization is planning its cloud expenditure.What should the organization do to control costs?

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Which Google Cloud service or feature lets you build machine learning models using Standard SQL and data in a data warehouse?

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An organization wants to migrate legacy applications currently hosted in their data center to the cloud. The current architecture dictates that each application needs its own operating system (OS) instead of sharing an OS. Which infrastructure solution should they choose?

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Your large and frequently changing organization's user information is stored in an on-premises LDAP database. The database includes user passwords and group and organization membership.How should your organization provision Google accounts and groups to access Google Cloud resources?

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An organization wants to use Apigee to manage all their application programming interfaces (APIs). What will Apigee enable the organization to do?

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An organization wants to digitize and share large volumes of historical text and images.Why is a public cloud a better option than an on-premises solution?

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An organization's web developers and operations personnel use different systems. How will increased communication between the teams reduce issues caused by silos?

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Your organization is running all its workloads in a private cloud on top of a hypervisor. Your organization has decided it wants to move to Google Cloud as quickly as possible. Your organization wants minimal changes to the current environment, while using the maximum amount of managed services Google offers.What should your organization do?

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Your organization is releasing its first publicly available application in Google Cloud. The application is critical to your business and customers and requires a 2- hour SLA.

How should your organization set up support to minimize costs?

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