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Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam 2023

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Your organization is developing and deploying an application on Google Cloud. Tracking your Google Cloud spending needs to stay as simple as possible.What should you do to ensure that workloads in the development environment are fully isolated from production workloads?

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You are a program manager within a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that offers rendering software for animation studios. Your team needs the ability to allow scenes to be scheduled at will and to be interrupted at any time to restart later. Any individual scene rendering takes less than 12 hours to complete, and there is no service-level agreement (SLA) for the completion time for all scenes. Results will be stored in a global Cloud Storage bucket. The compute resources are not bound to any single geographical location. This software needs to run on Google Cloud in a cost-optimized way.What should you do?

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Your organization is migrating to Google Cloud. As part of that effort, it needs to move terabytes of data from on-premises file servers to Cloud Storage. Your organization wants the migration process to be automated and to be managed by Google. Your organization has an existing Dedicated Interconnect connection that it wants to use. Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

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Your multinational organization has servers running mission-critical workloads on its premises around the world. You want to be able to manage these workloads consistently and centrally, and you want to stop managing infrastructure.

What should your organization do?

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You are currently managing workloads running on Windows Server for which your company owns the licenses. Your workloads are only needed during working hours, which allows you to shut down the instances during the weekend. Your Windows Server licenses are up for renewal in a month, and you want to optimize your license cost.What should you do?

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Your organization wants to predict the behavior of visitors to its public website. To do that, you have decided to build a machine learning model. Your team has database-related skills but only basic machine learning skills, and would like to use those database skills.Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization choose?

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An organization needs to search an application's source code to identify a potential issue. The application is distributed across multiple containers. Which Google Cloud product should the organization use?

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An organization is using machine learning to make predictions. One of their datasets mistakenly includes mislabeled data. How will the prediction be impacted?

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An organization wants to digitize and share large volumes of historical text and images.Why is a public cloud a better option than an on-premises solution?

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An organization's web developers and operations personnel use different systems. How will increased communication between the teams reduce issues caused by silos?

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