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Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam 2023

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An organization has servers running mission-critical workloads on-premises around the world. They want to modernize their infrastructure with a multi-cloud architecture. What benefit could the organization experience?

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Your organization runs a distributed application in the Compute Engine virtual machines. Your organization needs redundancy, but it also needs extremely fast communication (less than 10 milliseconds) between the parts of the application in different virtual machines. Where should your organization locate these virtual machines?

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An organization is using machine learning to make predictions. One of their datasets mistakenly includes mislabeled data. How will the prediction be impacted?

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Your organization runs all its workloads on Compute Engine virtual machine instances. Your organization has a security requirement: the virtual machines are not allowed to access the public internet. The workloads running on those virtual machines need to access BigQuery and Cloud Storage, using their publicly accessible interfaces, without violating the security requirement.Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

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The operating systems of some of your organization's virtual machines may have a security vulnerability.How can your organization most effectively identify all virtual machines that do not have

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How do Migrate for Compute Engine and Migrate for Anthos differ?

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An e-commerce organization is reviewing their cloud data storage. What type of raw data can they store in a relational database without any processing?

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An organization decides to migrate their on-premises environment to the cloud. They need to determine which resource components still need to be assigned ownership.

Which two functions does a public cloud provider own? (Choose two.)

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How does a large hotel chain benefit from storing their customer reservation data in the cloud?

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You are a program manager for a team of developers who are building an event-driven application to allow users to follow one another's activities in the app. Each time a user adds himself as a follower of another user, a write occurs in the real-time database.

The developers will develop a lightweight piece of code that can respond to database writes and generate a notification to let the appropriate users know that they have gained new followers. The code should integrate with other cloud services such as Pub/Sub, Firebase, and Cloud APIs to streamline the orchestration process. The application requires a platform that automatically manages underlying infrastructure and scales to zero when there is no activity.

Which primary compute resource should your developers select, given these requirements?

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