pip install multiple packages in Python

If you are working or learning Python then you must use different packages or libraries to develop something new. For some projects sometimes you may need to install multiple packages at once. In this post, we will explore different ways to install multiple packages in Python using pip or without pip.


Install MiniConda & setup Environment for Machine Learning

MiniConda is a package management and installation system for machine learning libraries and tools. It provides and easy way to install and update libraries. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install MiniConda and set up the the best environment for machine learning with little space without losing efficiency.

Object detection using GPU opencv

Use Opencv with GPU with just 2 lines of code

If you are working on deep learning or real-time video processing project using Opencv (like Object Detection, Social Distance detection), you will face lags in the output video (less frame rate per second), you can fix this lag using GPU if your system has NVIDIA GPU (NVIDIA Graphics card). OpenCV library can be used for both CPU and GPU.