Understand Hypothesis testing with real-life examples

If you are learning or working in the field of Data Science, you should have clear understanding of what are hypothesis testing and p values in statistics. If you learn those two things then understanding any basic machine learning algorithms like linear regression, and logistic regression will be easier for you. In this tutorial I will explain hypothesis testing with real life examples.


Install MiniConda & setup Environment for Machine Learning

MiniConda is a package management and installation system for machine learning libraries and tools. It provides and easy way to install and update libraries. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install MiniConda and set up the the best environment for machine learning with little space without losing efficiency.

Neural network from scratch in Python

Neural Network is used everywhere like speech recognition, face recognition, marketing, healthcare, etc. Artificial Neural networks mimic the behavior of human brain and try to solve any given (data-driven) problem like human. Neural Network consists of multiple …