Machine Learning


Understand Hypothesis testing with real-life examples

If you are learning or working in the field of Data Science, you should have clear understanding of what are hypothesis testing and p values in statistics. If you learn those two things then understanding any basic machine learning algorithms like linear regression, and logistic regression will be easier for you. In this tutorial I will explain hypothesis testing with real life examples.

naive bayes algorithm in machine learning python implementation

Naive Bayes algorithm in Machine Learning with Python

The Naive Bayes algorithm in machine learning, also known as the Naive Bayes classifier, is one of the simplest and most powerful classification algorithms out there. While it’s certainly not the most accurate method (generally speaking), it’s ideal for scenarios where you have very little data but still want to classify your new data into …

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Neural network from scratch in Python

Neural Network is used everywhere like speech recognition, face recognition, marketing, healthcare, etc. Artificial Neural networks mimic the behavior of human brain and try to solve any given (data-driven) problem like human. Neural Network consists of multiple layers of Perceptrons. When you fed some input data to Neural Network, this data is then passed through those multiple layers of Perceptrons to produce the desired output. …

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