Computer Vision

Image to Text using Tesseract OCR with Python

OCR in short Optical Character Recognition or optical character reader is an essential part of data mining, which mainly deals with typed, handwritten, or printed documents. Every image in the world contains some information. In this post I will explain you detailed code for pytesseract (python wrapper of tesseract) image to string operation.

pip install opencv gpu

Install OpenCV GPU with CUDA for Windows 10

You must install OpenCV for GPU if your system allows you. if you are working on deep learning or video processing project like Object Detection, Social Distance detection, you will face lags in the output video (less frame rate per second), you can fix this lag using GPU if your system has NVIDIA GPU (NVIDIA Graphics card).

It’s easy to install OpenCV for GPU on the Linux machine but it is hard for Windows. That is why I am making this post.