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- numpy - pandas - scikit-learn from js import window from pyodide import create_proxy import sys from io import StringIO def run_code(event=None): user_code = window.getEditorValue() # Call the JavaScript function to get the code output_area = document.getElementById('output') original_stdout = sys.stdout sys.stdout = StringIO() try: exec(user_code) output = sys.stdout.getvalue() except Exception as e: output_area.innerText = 'Error: ' + str(e) else: if output: output_area.innerText = output else: output_area.innerText = 'No output' finally: sys.stdout = original_stdout run_button = document.getElementById('runButton') run_button.addEventListener('click', create_proxy(run_code))

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  • ➜ This online coding tool supports Python 3.
  • ➜ Supported libraries for this online Python code executor are: numpy, pandas, and scikit-learn
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