Invoice parser using OCR OpenCV and Python

Form parser using OCR OpenCV and Python

Let’s see how to build a form parser using Tesseract OCR, OpenCV, and Python. We will use feature-based Image alignment technique to extract specific information based on coordinate location.

Image to Text using Tesseract OCR with Python

OCR in short Optical Character Recognition or optical character reader is an essential part of data mining, which mainly deals with typed, handwritten, or printed documents. Every image in the world contains some information. In this post I will explain you detailed code for pytesseract (python wrapper of tesseract) image to string operation.

sentiment analysis flask app with python

Build Sentiment Analysis Flask App

Here in this post, I tried to give you a starting point to build and deploy sentiment analysis Flask app. You can then modify it to develop your own project, where you may want to build Twitter sentiment analysis web app or you can use a different model to do sentiment analysis.

Upload and display image in Flask Python

To develop any Computer Vision web application image is required. In this post, I will show you how to upload and display images in Flask. If you are new to Flask, I have written some basic tutorials for Flask with Python, you can definitely read those.

introduction to python flask web development

Beginners guide to Flask Python Web App framework

Flask is a very important web framework in python to create web applications, APIs, Machine Learning applications, etc. In my last few post, I discussed web application development using Django. Flask framework is more explicit and easier to learn than the Django framework. Flask is built on top of the WSGI(Web Server Gateway Interface) toolkit and Jinja2 template engine.