Data Science vs Computer Science: The Difference?

data science vs computer science what is the difference

Data science and computer science are two of the most in-demand fields in the modern tech industry. But what exactly is the difference between them? If you’re considering a career in either, understanding the core differences between the two is essential for making an informed decision. This blog post will explore the differences between data science and computer science, including their respective skill sets, job outlooks, and data science vs computer science salary potential.

Difference between Data Science and Computer science

When someone mentions “data science”, they may be thinking of a very different kind of field from computer science. In computer science, we study the design and construction of complex algorithms.

But the field of data science is much broader than that. It’s an interdisciplinary field that combines techniques and insights from various fields such as statistics, mathematics, and software engineering. Data scientists study data and develop machine learning models in order to make predictions about future outcomes.

On the other hand, computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. It’s a discipline that encompasses many different types of jobs. For example, you might work as an engineer or as a computer programmer.

Data science is a relatively new field, but it’s becoming an increasingly important part of the tech industry. The skills required for a computer scientist and a data scientist are very similar. Both fields are interdisciplinary and involve a lot of technical problem-solving. However, the two fields have some important differences is that: Computer science focuses on how computers work and Data scientists focus more on data.

Another difference is that computer scientists primarily use mathematical and algorithmic approaches to solve problems, while data scientists often use statistics and programming languages as well.

Finally, an important difference between the two fields is that computer science is a more theoretical discipline, while data science is more applied.

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Data science vs Computer science which is easy

There is a lot of confusion about which field is easier, data science or computer science. In my opinion, Data Science is a little bit harder than Computer science.

Because if you want to work in the data science field you need to know backend languages like python or R. Along with that you must know statistics, machine learning, NLP, and computer vision as a must add on to that.

Nowadays you also need to have good knowledge of the cloud like Google Cloud, Azure, etc. Along with that to deploy your data science projects you need to know front-end languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

On the other hand, if you are working in the computer science field you can only concentrate on any field like Front-end development, and back-end developer like so.

Start a Career in Data Science or Computer Science

How to become a Data Scientist

Data scientists collaborate closely with stakeholders and executives within a company to understand their key goals. They investigate how data can be used to achieve their objectives and advance the business. To be a successful data scientist, you must be adaptable and flexible, open to new ideas, and capable of developing and proposing novel solutions.

What degrees do I need to work in data science?

If you are an experienced professional in the computer science field you can join a data science undergraduate program. This kind of program may take 6 months to 2 years. Once you completed that, you will have a good understanding of data science and machine learning domain. After completion do some projects on your own and start applying for the job in the data science field.

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On the other hand, if you are a fresher or in school you can also participate those undergraduate programs. But it will be easier to enter in the data science field as a fresher if you have a degree like BSc in statistics or philosophy.

Now to answer is masters degree in data science required? No, it is not required a masters degree in data science if you have knowledge but yes it will give you an added advantage to getting the job with a high salary.

How to become a Computer Science Engineer

You must be able to translate theory into an application as a computer scientist whenever possible. You must be efficient in programming, so keep your programming language knowledge current and practiced.

What degrees do I need to work in data science?

To get a job in Computer science engineering you need to have a major like Information Technology, Computer Science, etc. in your B.Tech or BSC in your college.

Along with that degree, you must have in-depth knowledge in fields like:

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Full stack development
  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • Computer languages
  • etc.

Data science vs Computer science jobs opportunity

Data science is a rapidly growing field with endless possibilities. Here are three different types of jobs in data science you can look for:

  • Data Analyst
  • BI Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

On the other hand, there are endless career options in the computer science industry. Some of them are:

  • Python developer
  • Java Developer
  • Android developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • etc.

Salary difference

As data science is a hot cake in the market currently, companies are paying more salaries to data scientists than computer science engineers.

The average salary for a data scientist in India is about 10.0 Lacks INR per annum around USD 1000 dollars per month. On the other hand, the average salary of data scientists in US is about $144,652 per year. Data science job salary in uk is about $65176 dollars per year.

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On the other hand, A Computer Scientist earns an annual salary of INR 6 lacks (USD 7265) on average.

These salaries can vary from person to person based on their knowledge and experience.

Data science or Computer science which is better for the career

There are lots of people who believe that data science is better for a career than computer science. There are few reasons why this might be the case:

  • Data Science is a relatively new field, meaning that there are not that many people who have studied it, so there are very few people who have skills in that area.
  • The salary of a data scientist is higher than a computer scientist
  • Relatively interesting projects in Data Science
  • Someone can be part of business decision
  • etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that data science is better than computer science because there are many jobs that require only basic computer science skills and not data science skills.

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