How To Create AI Tool Without Any Code


In today’s increasingly digital landscape, artificial intelligence has emerged as a powerful tool for solving complex problems and driving innovation. Many people have ideas, but they lost somewhere because of lack of technical knowledge. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create or build ai tool without a single line of code.

Creating Your First AI Tool

Let me break the entire process of making an AI tool into some steps:

Sign Up

To begin, open your browser and navigate to Once there, click on the “Create Your Custom Tool” button. You need to either sign up or log in using your mail address or Google account. This will take you to a new dashboard where you can access the playground.


Once you log in, you will see a text saying “No tools yet! Create one here.“. Click here to open ai playground dashboard.

Selecting an Icon

In the playground, the first step is to select an icon for your tool. You can use a design tool like Canva to create a custom icon. Open Canva, choose a custom size of 100 by 100 and search for an icon related to your tool’s purpose.

For instance, if your tool is a YouTube title generator, search for YouTube-related icons. Download the icon and return to the dashboard to upload it.

Setting the Tool Name and Meta Data

Next, provide a name for your AI tool. For example, let’s call it “The Best AI YouTube Title Generator” Add a meta title, a subheading, and a description for the tool. Be sure to include relevant keywords and explain the functionality of the tool.

Customizing Tool Visibility

You have the option to set your tool as public or private. If you choose public, you will receive a free custom link. For now, let’s keep it private. Also, note that your tool will be first verified with freeaikit before it is available to you.

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Setting the Tool Name and Meta Data

To improve discoverability, select appropriate tags for your tool. For instance, if your tool relates to education, you can choose tags like “Education” or “Writing”

Choosing the Model and Template

Currently, the only available model in freeaikit is GPT 3.5. Select it for your tool. Additionally, choose a template. For this example, let’s select a template as One input 1. We are selecting this template because I want the user to enter one video topic. Keeping the input label as “Video Topic

Creating the Prompt

To create a prompt, use a phrase like “Generate five catchy YouTube titles for a video about [kit_user_input_1].[kit_user_input_1] is the dynamic value associated with the user input. This dynamic value in the prompt instructs the tool to replace it with the user’s input.

Finalizing Your AI Tool

After clicking the “Create Tool” button you’ll see how easy it is to build your custom AI tool and you made it without writing any code. Now click on Tools (in the left sidebar), and you should see your ai tool is available in the dashboard. Let’s open it for testing.


Now, enter a topic like “how to learn ai” and click send. The tool will work seamlessly and generate YouTube titles using the power of GPT models. Remember, you can build unlimited tools for free, utilizing the capabilities of GPT models without the need for API keys.



Feel free to explore the playground and experiment with building templates that accommodate multiple inputs. You can keep your tool private for personal or team use, or share it with the public.

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If you make it public, you’ll receive a free link to your website. As the website continues to improve, you can expect to find more templates, models, and functionalities to enhance your AI tool-building experience.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on building custom AI tools using the Free AI Kit website. It offers an easy, free, and codeless approach to harnessing the power of AI models. If you just want to use some top and cool AI tools, you can check this article: Top 9 AI Tools Better Than Chat GPT – 100% FREE.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to drop a comment. Start building your own AI tools today and unleash the possibilities!

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