8 Crazy AI Tools You Must Try In 2023


As you all know, artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing about a revolution in our lives. In the next year or two, AI advancements will impact every aspect of our lives, both in positive and negative ways. But just like with any new thing, there is a lot of excitement and confusion surrounding it. Let’s find out top AI tools in 2023.

Do you know in recent times there are around 1,250 to 1,300 new AI tools being launched every day? Approximately 5,800 to 6,400 new websites and tools are getting published every month. I understand that not every tool is suitable for every task. In this article, I will show you the 8 best among them.

Tool1: Para Graphica


Imagine being able to go back in time! With the AI tool called “Para Graphica“, it is possible. All you need to do is provide your location, and this tool will use the power of AI to show you how things looked 20 years ago.

It analyzes photos and other content available online to create AI-generated visuals that depict the past. You can even manipulate the images and apply effects like watercolor. It’s like having a time machine at your fingertips.

Tool2: QR Code Generator


We all know about scanning QR codes, but with this AI-powered QR code generator, you can turn codes into art. Just enter a URL or app, and the tool will generate a visually appealing QR code for you.

You can even upload a photo or specify your preferences to create a customized QR code. These artistic QR codes can be used in brochures, shared on WhatsApp, or added to your creative projects. It’s simple and easy to use.

You can see in the above image, how I generated this QR code for our Facebook page link. You can scan that QR code to visit our official Facebook page. That QR code is actually working.

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Tool3: AI in Music Generator

Creating music has become more accessible with AI. Tools like “Facebook Music Gen” allow you to specify the type of music you want, the instruments you prefer, and the mood you’re aiming for.

By providing clear prompts, you can generate music tailored to your preferences. These tools currently generate only short music, but in the future, you may create full songs. This may even make new job opportunities for prompt engineers.


In the above image you can see, I just given a prompt and hit enter button. The AI tool then generates a short music for that prompt. You can hear the output audio below.

Tool4: Adobe Firefly


Adobe is known for its popular software like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Now it has launched a new AI-powered tool called Firefly (currently in Beta version). With Firefly, you can create the exact images you desire without needing to provide explicit prompts.

You can also manipulate existing images, adjust brightness, and add or remove elements. It offers a range of customization options, making it a potential alternative to traditional design tools like Photoshop.

Tool5: Adobe Podcast


Audio quality is essential for podcasts, and Adobe Podcast helps enhance it. This AI tool can remove background noise, improve audio clarity, and optimize sound quality.

It also provides guidance on microphone placement for optimal audio capture. Notably, any changes you make to the podcast’s written transcript will automatically show up in the audio, which makes the editing process much easier.

If you feel shy while using a microphone, you can check out this Udemy course. It will help you gain confidence while making podcasts or YouTube videos: Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers’ Guide.

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Tool6: Framer.AI

build website with framer ai

Creating a website used to be a time-consuming process, but not anymore. With Framer.AI, you can generate a complete website within seconds. Just provide details about your website’s purpose and content, and Framer.AI will create a fully functional website for you.

You can even publish it with your own domain. It’s a game-changer for web design, enabling anyone to create a website without technical expertise.

However, it’s essential to have some basic knowledge of the technicalities involved in building a website with code. This is required to customize your website as needed.

AI tools will create a beautiful website for you but further you need to customize it. You should know where and how to change that code to customize it as per your wish.

To learn complete picture of web development, I will recommend you take this course: Web Development | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | NodeJS.

Tool7: Luma.AI


Luma.AI is an incredible AI tool that can transform standard video footage into visually stunning shots from different angles, creating impressive 3D effects.

Even video shots with basic cameras can be transformed into captivating content with Luma.AI. It’s a must-have tool for anyone working with videos. If you want to take cinematography and video production seriously, then this AI tool is definitely for you.

Tool8: Replicate


Replicate.com is an incredible website powered by AI that provides many features to restore images in one place. It’s unique because it can bring old photos back to life through its remarkable image restoration capabilities.

You get to choose from various restoration models, giving you the chance to experiment and achieve stunning results. The fact that you can restore and enhance images using different models all in one tool is something you won’t find anywhere else. So, why not give Replicate.com a try and experience the magic of image restoration yourself?

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AI tools are transforming our lives in remarkable ways. In this blog post, we introduced a list showcasing the top AI tools that can have a positive impact on your life.

From traveling back in time with Para Graki and creating artistic QR codes to generating music, designing websites, enhancing podcast audio, and revitalizing old photos, AI offers endless possibilities.

This blog post only scratches the surface of what AI tools can do. As AI continues to advance, there are limitless possibilities for individuals in various professions. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, writer, or creator, AI can open up new horizons for you.

This is it for this article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, please let me those in the comment section below.

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