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This article is dedicated to a technology that is dominating the entire world, and everyone wants to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Yes, I am talking about the power of AI. In this article, I will share with you the top 9 AI tools that are better than ChatGPT in certain regions.

Did you know that nearly 77 percent of devices today are equipped with AI? It’s astonishing, but what’s even more surprising is that only 34 percent of people are aware that they are directly using AI in their daily lives.

This lack of awareness shows how widespread AI is in our society. As a result, the AI market worldwide is booming and is expected to reach $190.61 billion USD by 2025.

Though AI provides immense benefits to many people, good tools are often costly. In this article, I will reveal some lesser-known but top ai tools that are either entirely free or you can manage with their free plans. These tools are like hidden gems that can simplify and improve your life.

Additionally, I will suggest alternatives to well-known and expensive tools that are just as good, if not better, in performance. You can be confident that all the tools I mention have been personally tested and proven.



Let’s begin with, an AI art generator that can bring your imagination to life. With this tool, you can create stunning art pieces by simply entering your idea in a text form.

Whether it’s a baby elephant dancing on a car or a product related to famous personalities, Lexica can generate incredible visuals aligned with your imagination. You can even provide a reference image and instruction to edit your image magically.

Social media marketers, content creators, and students can utilize this special text-to-image ai tool to enhance their creative projects.

Tool2: Super Meme


For meme lovers, Super Meme is an excellent tool that converts your text into hilarious memes. It goes beyond simple text-to-image conversion and presents your text in meme form with interesting images and templates.

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You can explore various options like editing text on selected memes, and even use the “Give Me Generator” feature for quick meme creation. If you’re looking to start your own meme page, Super Meme is your go-to tool.


mubert-best-ai-tool-for-text-to-music-generation is an AI music generator that caters to music lovers, composers, content creators, and social media advertisers. This tool allows you to create intro and outro music for your YouTube videos, background music for reels, or simply experiment with fun tunes.

With a wide range of genres, modes, and customization options, you can craft the perfect musical piece according to your requirements. Unleash your creativity and enhance your audio content with

Is Mubert free?

You can use Mubert for free through their ambassador program. With this program, you can generate up to 25 tracks per month. However, if you choose to share your tracks publicly, you need to give credit to Mubert by using the #mubert hashtag.


replica-dot-com-top-ai-tool-to-restore-image-black-and-white-image-to-color is a remarkable AI-powered website that offers multiple image restoration features in one platform. It stands out for its image restoration capabilities, allowing you to bring old photos back to life.

With various restoration models to choose from, you can experiment and achieve stunning results. The ability to restore and enhance images using different models within a single tool is unprecedented. Give a try and witness the magic of image restoration.

Tool5: Nvidia Canvas


Do you struggle to bring your imaginative ideas to life through drawing? Nvidia Canvas is here to help. This tool enables you to create realistic digital images without lifting a pen. With an empty canvas and a photo canvas, you can start drawing using brushes and witness a realistic version of your design come to life.

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Nvidia Canvas is perfect for creating digital images for various purposes, including marks, gift papers, photos, posters, etc. No more hours spent searching for free, high-quality photos when you have tools like Nvidia Canvas, Google, and Lexica at your disposal.

This tool is going to be the best among other AI tools for painters or photographers. Currently, this tool is in beta version. Try this ai tool and let me know how good it is in the comment section.

Tool6: – Convert Images into AI Videos


Kaiber is an incredible tool that converts images into AI-generated videos. By uploading an image and providing a prompt and details, you can create fascinating and detailed videos. You can also explore other features like zoom in, zoom out, Rotate, etc.


top-and-best-ai-tool-to-clone-your-voice-by-trining-your-own-machine-learning-model offers a fascinating AI tool that creates a clone of your voice. By recording your voice and training the voice clone, you can generate audio content in your own voice. This tool is immensely useful for voice-overs, audio content creation, and podcasts. Embrace the AI era and leverage to unleash your vocal talents.

Tool8: Uberduck Rap


Uberduck is a fantastic website for rappers, singers, and songwriters. By typing your lyrics and selecting your desired voice, you can witness your words transform into a full-fledged rap or song.

This platform provides various voice options, including popular rapper singers and famous cartoon characters. Experiment with Overdub Rap to add an energetic flair to your musical creations.

You can even use this ai tool to convert text to voice and later use it for youtube voiceover.

Tool9: LumaLabs AI tool


LumaLabs takes your videos to a whole new level by adding a 3D video feel, making them more realistic and captivating. Capture anything in 3D by recording videos from different angles and uploading them to LumaLabs.

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This tool is an excellent choice for creating sample graphics for your video games. It can help you design impressive visuals to showcase your game. You can also zoom in or zoom out to your ai generated videos.

No doubt LumaLabs is one of the top ai tools but it is only available for iPhone users. However, Android users can explore Nerf Studio, an amazing platform that provides similar capabilities. Install the API and enjoy creating stunning 3D videos.


These nine lesser-known AI tools can significantly enhance various aspects of your personal and professional life. Whether you seek entertainment, creative artwork, music generation, image restoration, voice cloning, or 3D video experiences, these tools have got you covered.

This is it for this article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, please let me know in the comment section below.

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