6 Best Books to Learn Django with Learning Path


If you want to learn something concreate, you should definately read some books. If you are planning to learn Django through books then you are at right place. In this article, I will share 6 best books to learn Django with my personal opinion about why to read those books.

Books are not the only option to learn Django, most people love learning from courses. If you are among them, then you must read this article: Best Udemy Courses to learn Django with Learning Path.

If you search over internet about books to learn Django then you will find endless books. But as a begginer it is very difficult to selct best among them. This is the reason I spent some time to find out 6 best books for you.

Why 6 and not one? This is because different person have different preference. Some one like to learn doing projects parellely. Some people want to first learn basics and then go to any projects. So I thought of listing 6 different books combination of all those aspects.

Django in 8 Hours

If you are a college student and want to learn Django for your career then this book is for you. This book will start from Python and Django installation. As per my opinion this is the best book to learn basics skills of Django fast and easily.

Since this book is designed for sudents, you will get question answers for college exams and job interviews. Although this books is designed for students only but anyone who wants to learn Django quickly they can refer this book.

Django for Beginners

The book is written by William S. Vincent, who is a former Board Member of the Django Software Foundation and the author of three other books on Django. He also co-hosts the Django Chat podcast, co-writes the weekly Django newsletter.

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The book is a project-based introduction to Django, the popular Python-based web framework. It covers how to build 5 websites from scratch, including a Blog and Newspaper website, how to deploy online using security best practices, how to customize the look and feel of your sites, how to write tests and run them for all your code, how to integrate user authentication, email, and custom user models, how to add permissions and authorizations to make your app more secure, how to identify common mistakes and errors, etc. so you can build your own websites.

It is suitable for total beginners who have never built a website before as well as professional programmers looking for a fast-paced guide to modern web development and Django fundamentals.

Two Scoops of Django

This book is written by Daniel Roy Greenfeld and Audrey Roy Greenfeld, who are both experienced Django developers and husband wife 🙂. The book is a guide for experienced Django developers to improve their skills and code quality. It covers the best practices from setting up the development environment, asynchronous processing, to the deployment.

It is not the book for begginer. So who are just starting learning Django please stay away from this book. This book is for them who has good knowledge of Django framework and wants to upskill their knowledge and gain more indepth concept.

Test Driven Development with Python

This book is a hands-on guide that teaches you how to develop web applications with Python using the test-driven development (TDD) approach. The book takes you through the development of a real web application from beginning to end, using Django, Selenium, and JavaScript as the main technologies.

The book covers the basics of TDD and Django, as well as web development essentials such as database management, user authentication, REST APIs, static files, and deployment. It also covers more advanced topics such as refactoring, mock objects, asynchronous processing, and continuous integration.

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If you learned the basics of Django then you can blindly read this book. It will cover all the gaps you have with some hands-on projects. I personally like this book. This book is availble in both kindle and paperback edition so buy this as per your wish, price is little bit low for kindle edition.

Lightweight Django

The book is written by Julia Elman and Mark Lavin, who are both experienced Django developers and authors. The main feature of this book to connect Django with Torando and make a real time light weight web application and finally deploy it.

If you read this book you will have good advanced knowledge of Django which you have never thought of exist. Trust me the knowledge you gain after reading this book will surely help you in your job interview time. I will recommend you to first learn basics of Django and Python before reading this book.

You can access code sample used in this book from this link.

Django by Example

This book is a guide for learning Django 4, the latest version of the popular Python-based web framework. It will guide you to build four real-world applications from scratch. The book covers the most relevant aspects of the framework, as well as how to integrate other technologies such as JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, and Memcached into your projects.

If you are looking for a book which have complete guide about Django then this book is for you. Don’t compre this book with Lightweight Django. Because Lightweight Django is an exceptional book for advanced Django but Django by example is an excelent choise for them who loves to learn something doing projects parellely.

I am realy surprize to see that cost of kindle edition of this book is almost 3rd time cheaper than paper back edition. So keep this in your mind before placing your order.

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My Personal Opinion

If I was learning Django this time and I had to choose some books for me then first I would read Django in 8 hours or Django for Beginners. Those books will cover basics of Django. Then to slowly enhance my learning, I would read Django by example and Test driven development with python.

After reading those books I should have overall learning of Django framework of Python. Finally I will read one last book before apearning for job interview which is Lightweight Django. If you are new to Python, then I will suggest you read this article: 5 Best Book to Learn Python.

That’s it for this article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please let me know in the comment section below.

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